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Hyatt Hotel is a world wide chain and in comparison to other chains, only offers hotels in four and five star segment. The Hyatt Regency is the flagship hotel brand for tourists and business guests within the chain. We asked Soraya Sediqui – Sales Executive – what makes the Hyatt Regency special within the Plantage area of Amsterdam. The answer was that the Plantage area is surprisingly green and residential. You will find the 19th century city zoo called Natura Artis Magistra, as well as Rembrandt’s former house. In short, a neighborhood where art and culture come together in a relaxing setting.


Where did the passion for this hotel start?

What I find so special about the Hyatt Regency, is that it is the first premium 5* hotel in the Plantage area, with a nostalgic concept inspired by this green area. The well-known “green wall” filled with plants, the barrier-free surroundings and the fresh colors give a homely feel, but also a lively atmosphere. For myself and many colleagues this was the first hotel opening ever, what always makes it exciting.

From the beginning the whole team has worked hard on bringing the brand awareness of the Hyatt Regency out and successfully too, because the reactions were and still are very promising. Guests feel very at ease due to the personal approach. Not only hotel guests, but also the local residents, like coming here to work or have lunch in our restaurant Mama Makan. Due to the intensive collaboration of our team, we now stand where we stand. We are very proud of what we have achieved in half a year.

What makes your hotel unique?

Hyatt Regency is unique because:

  • We have a total of 517m2 of meeting space. By means of a separate entrance, next to that of the hotel, we offer the possibility of organizing more exclusive events. Each room has a different look and feel. Through a lot of natural daylight in the hotel and the meeting rooms, we make sure the guests feel good and can concentrate well during the meeting.
  • The Saphartistraat, and therefore the hotel, can be reached very easily by car or public transportation. Even for large groups the location is ideal. Coaches are allowed to stop in front of the door so that guests can get on or off.
  • The guest rooms are inspired by the beautiful trees in the Hortus Botanicus and begin from 30m2 and up, these are very large rooms for the center of Amsterdam. Of course everything has a brand new and modern finish.
  • Connectivity everywhere! Throughout the entire hotel, the latest technological gadgets have been integrated so our guests are accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • The Mama Makan Restaurant has an Indonesian kitchen with beautiful dishes!

What is the most special group you have welcomed in the hotel?

Of course it is different for everybody, but for me personally it has to be the soccer team of Olympique Lyon. They played against Ajax on the 3rd of May 2017 and were the first group we had the pleasure of welcoming in our brand new hotel, two weeks after the official opening. Soccer team always have very high standards when it comes to rooms, meals, privacy, logistics, etc. so that they can prepare for the game as good as possible. Fortunately a large part of my colleagues have had a lot of experience with soccer teams previously in their carreers, and as such we were able to anticipate on the demands and cater to these. Their stay was a big success and the team’s Travel Manager certainly considered coming back.

What possibilities do you offer clients that chose for your hotel?

In collaboration with us, ITBholland can organize a perfectly fitting event for small and large groups. Of course we hope to offer your guests a carefree stay during their time in our beautiful hotel in the Plantage area of Amsterdam. In this way, your guests can enjoy their stay optimally.

What are the advantages for you of working with a local partner such as ITBholland?

Together with a local partner we increase the selling power of the destination Amsterdam. We see ourselves as a supplement to ITBholland’s services and as such we make our propositions stronger. On top of that ITBholland’s team knows the market very well and they know exactly what the client needs. The communication is always enjoyable, clear and transparent.

ITBholland’s team knows their clients very well and knows what their wishes and demands are. Often times the client wants to be assisted with their program from arrival to departure in Amsterdam. ITBholland has a partnership with the best hotels and restaurants in Amsterdam and surroundings, which ensures that the right match is found very quickly. We make one another stronger by making the best choices for the client with them as DMC. In this way we can offer a total concept often at a sharper price.

Thank you Soraya for the open-hearted answers. We as ITBholland experience our collaboration to be very professional and clear every time again!

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