Biggest Orange Party | KING’S DAY

27th of April | KING’S DAY | Biggest Orange Party in the Netherlands

King’s Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands to celebrate the birthday of our King Willem Alexander. From the big cities to the small villages, everybody celebrates King’s Day on the 27th of April. Everything possible is covered in orange, which is the color that honors the Dutch Royal Family.

There are free markets where you can sell old things or homemade treats. Everywhere you will find music and people dancing in orange outfits on the streets. The Royal family visits 1 or 2 municipalities in the country, this year they will be visiting the city of Amersfoort!

Travelling on King’s Day

Because the King’s Day festivities take place especially in the city center, no public transport, cars or taxis are allowed to many places in the center. 

We have made a list of King’s Day activities in de most known big cities:

King’s Day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the most popular destination on King’s Day with near a million visitors celebrating exuberantly in the streets of Amsterdam. All kind of activities are organized throughout the city. 

Some popular areas for markets and street performers are in the Vondelpark, Jordaan and in Amsterdam Zuid around Beethovenstraat, Stadionweg and Apollolaan. Don’t forget to enjoy the numerous boats with festive people along the canals and finally, for dance lovers, there are plenty of big parties with famous DJs.

King’s Day in The Hague

King’s Day is also well celebrated in the royal city of The Hague. You can find a free market most around the canals, the Statenkwartier and Noordeinde. But The Hague is best known for King’s Night, the night before King’s Day. Then there are well-known bands and DJs on the various squares such as Kerkplein, Grote Markt and Plaats.

King’s Day in Utrecht

In Utrecht you can enjoy the free market the night before King’s Day, on 26 April from 6 pm. On the 27th there will be a lot of boats on the canals of Utrecht, nice parties and performances on squares such as Domplein, Lucasbolwerk, Mariaplaats, Neude and Janskerkhof.

King's Day Utrecht Vrijmarkt

Photo: RTL Nieuws | archieffoto uit 2014 © anp

Fair on King’s Day

In addition to the free markets and music, there is also a fun fair at King’s Day. The most famous fairs are at Dam Square in Amsterdam, at the Grote Markt in Haarlem, in the Schiehaven in Rotterdam and around the Lange Voorhout in The Hague.

So … wear something orange and enjoy this wonderful Dutch tradition!


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