Private VIP Experiences

Your VIP clients deserve private experiences

Imagine – you have clients entering your office, requesting VIP experiences and private visits during their extraordinary trip to the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg. BUT, you have never organized anything like this before. Let alone even know where start searching.


So what do you do?


Not all clients prefer to travel around, visiting the touristic highlights while multiple coaches enter the same locations at once. They want to invest in that one special visit or private access and deserve to be treated with a more personal touch.

At ITBholland we know exactly what and where to look for to create this wonderful and unique experience. We don’t stop searching and creating until we have the perfect offer to make sure your client has the best and unique experience ever.

We can offer a diversity of possibilities to your clients by making remarkable memories of their honeymoon, family trip or any other itinerary request with every possible theme that comes to mind. Whether they want to arrange a private visit to a castle, have the time to visit a windmill all by themselves or have a farmer teaching them how to make cheese. Taking it to the next level by organizing a private dinner after opening-hours of a museum or make your own painting in the private studio of a very well-known Dutch artist. Or think about a private dinner cruise while cruising the enchanting canals in Amsterdam. Even if your clients biggest wish is to go horseback riding in the countryside or take a stroll in the woods accompanied by a forest ranger.

Our highly skilled and experienced team at our Luxury FIT department is eager to be your local and loyal partner and lead you to a world where everything is possible!


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