arendshoeve, amsterdam

The Arendshoeve | The Garden of Amsterdam

The Arendshoeve, the Garden of Amsterdam, is the most special and authentic event location in the Netherlands with a space of 3.200m². The mission is to offer a green experience with sustainable and positive influences. The Arendshoeve is perfect for all your inspiring corporate events and private gatherings.

Where did the passion for the greenhouse start?

My great grandfather started in 1852 with cultivating potatoes and milking cows. When my father took over the farm in 1960 he began to cultivate roses in 2.500m² of greenhouses. In 1980 I took over the company and started growing weeping figs and a wide range of different pot plants. Now we are specialized in nice pot plants like Rhipsalis Anguiliger, Cassutha and a lot of other exclusive plants for famous designers and top flower shops all over the world.

In 1997 we started a discussion about the atmosphere that was created by flowers and plants. All kind of scientifically studies had proven that people feel more comfortable, less stressed and are more creative when they are surrounded by flowers and plants. This was the beginning of the transformation of the greenhouse into a sustainable event location where we can offer our guests a special atmosphere. Our passion is to show our guests the relaxing and empowering influence power of flowers and plants.

The space can be customized for small and large groups to accommodate any group between 20 and 1.000 guests.

Why is the Arendshoeve such a unique place?

It’s one of the greenest venue in the world where an event can take place with a minimum impact on the environment and livelihood.

As most plants are movable, the greenhouse can be furnished in many different ways, for a meeting, dinner, cocktail reception or evening party. The Arendshoeve is already a special and attractive venue without any additions, but by adding flower arrangements, fire pits or turf, the experience is even more intense and beautiful. We offer an inspiring environment which guests will remember for years.

The Arendshoeve is located on short driving distance from Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam.

What is the most special event you have organized in the Arendshoeve?

We had huge event during which all guests arrived by boat. They were welcomed at the waterside by ‘Chantie Choir’ singing Dutch songs and Dancing Queens in typical Dutch wooden shoes. Inside the venue we had real grass on the floor and a ceiling full off colored hanging flowers. The room was filled with wonderful decorations of tulips and all kinds of bulbs and summer flowers. Dinner was served at real and natural wooden tables.

It was a special event with various typical Dutch influences combined with sustainable food and our green environment. Very inspirational!

What kind of possibilities can you offer?

Our unique selling points are definitely the endless possibilities in flower decorations and green environment. We work with first class caterers who know exactly what to do to make your event a great success.

What are the advantages for you of working with ITBholland as a local partner?

We have been working with ITBholland’s team for the long run and we value this long-term relationship. The communication with ITBholland is always clear. The lines are short and we can be in contact about requests or confirmed events within 15 minutes.

Thank you Jacob for the open-hearted answers. We as ITBholland experience our collaboration to be very professional and clear every time again!

arendshoeve, amsterdam

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