Valentines day Amsterdam

Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam, taking your relationship to the next level!

Amsterdam is a very romantic city, so being there for Valentine’s Day is the best way to treat your special someone to an unforgettable experience.

Take a walk through the authentic streets in Amsterdam and stumble upon a nice restaurant where you can eat the best food, a cosy bar where you can drink a glass of champagne and end up dancing the night away in a trendy club.

If you really want to impress your loved one, you should definitely plan a romantic dinner cruise.

The picturesque canals of Amsterdam already breathe romance under the cloak of darkness and the shining candle lights of the dinner cruise can only add to their charm. Discover the fascinating history of the Amsterdam canal belt while you and your loved one savour delicious Dutch specialties and sip exquisite wines. The dinner cruise is truly the perfect way to enjoy a unique and romantic evening in the Netherlands most spectacular city.

After a great evening you might want to spend a spectacular night in one of the most luxury and elegant hotels in Amsterdam: the Pulitzer.

ITBholland recommends Hotel Pulitzer because of it’s high service level and unique history. The hotel consists of a collection of 25 restored 17th and 18th century canal houses and offers views of the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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