Wicked Grounds Creative spaces

Welcome to the world of WICKED GROUNDS

Creative spaces with a special experience in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

WICKED GROUNDS is innovative, inspiring and connecting. The spaces are perfect for meetings, workshops and other business events. Places in the city where you will find yourself away from the daily distractions, inspired by the ambiance, service and energy. Areas where creativity flourishes and barriers are broken. WICKED GROUNDS is a perfect base for today’s and tomorrow’s change makers.

Our locations are perfectly accessible for visitors from the city of Amsterdam and Rotterdam as well as for visitors from outside the city.


The founders of WICKED GROUNDS have thought about every detail in every space. From fair-trade coffee to a high level of service, the furniture, the art on the wall to the light in every room.

If you want to inspire and stimulate the creative minds of your guests, please contact us for all the possibilities for events up to 250 guests.


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